Brookfield Community Club Grant Guidelines

The Brookfield Community Club (BCC) is a nonprofit, volunteer organization in the Town of Brookfield established to promote the purposed as set forth in Article 2 of its by-laws: “The objective shall be to benefit the school and community and to foster community spirit through service and fellowship.”

The BCC raises funds primarily by sponsoring the Apple Country Fair which is held every October. It relies on the generous time and effort given by many volunteers and welcomes any assistance which may be offered.

  1. Application

    Applications will be accepted through November 10th each year. Applications should be mailed to:
    • Brookfield Community Club
    • PO Box K312
    • Brookfield, MA 01506
  2. Awarding of Funds

    The BCC will publish the results of the awards in the Brookfield Citizen each January. The funds are to be used only for the purposes set forth in the application. Funds will be expended upon submission of receipts to the BCC treasurer. Payments will be made by the BCC directly to the vendor named on the invoices. All funds must be expended by December 31st of each year.
  3. Exclusions

    The BCC executive board will not consider any grants for wages or salaries or for private businesses. However, nonprofit organizations are encouraged to apply. Applications are available at the Merrick Public Library, by contacting Carol Plumb at 508-867-4489 or by clicking the link below.

Download the PDF application below